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IIt could very possibly be the single most important day of your life. You've sorted the dresses, the food, the venue, the table decorations, the flowers, the list is endless. When it comes to entertainment, it's worth remembering that this will consume almost a half of you day - so it's important that you choose wisely.


We have performed at an estimated 200-250 weddings across the UK since we formed in 2002. We've seen them all, from the great big, no expense  spared extravaganza to the no frills, less than 30 evening guests on a strict budget. To us, what matters is that we do right by you - it's YOUR big day, after all. That's why we want you to have as little to worry about as possible. We will negotiate with yourselves beforehand, with the venue, and with wedding co-ordinators when applicable, to ensure that all runs smoothly and you can concentrate on enjoying the day itself.


We can also offer a disco in addition to the show - this will often save you money by not having to hire a DJ. It doesn't stop there, we can prepare your all important 'first dance', we can often supply radio mics for the speeches, we will get your guests involved in the show itself and you can even devise your own disco playlist for afterwards if you want to. Of course, we are fully insured and PAT tested for safety - many venues ask for these certificates.


Don't take a gamble on anyone who may not be able to deliver all of this and more. We will arrive at whatever time may be necessary to set up, even if this means early on in the day. We will always be professional, punctual and discreet when necessary.



From experience, some weddings run more smoothly than others when it comes to the evening entertainment. Here are a few things to consider when booking a live band - they really can make all the difference:













  • Ensure that the bar is in the same room as the entertainment wherever possible. Otherwise, people will tend to congregate around the bar and your guests will be 'split' between two rooms.


  • Let us negotiate with the venue on your behalf. We will always be polite, and we can ensure that we have everything we need to make the evening perfect for you.


  • Consider timings. If you put the band on too early, not everybody may be ready to party! Too late, and people become distracted elsewhere (or may have 'over-indulged'!


  • Talk to us. Any questions or doubts you may have, we are here to help in the lead-up to your wedding. We know how important it is to you.


  • BOOK EARLY. Our Summer Saturdays in particular are the first to get booked - usually the year before. If our calendar shows the date as available, don't wait too long!




  • Well, at least if you can help it........ DON'T book a venue which has a 'Sound Limiter' device installed. Venue management often will tell perspective clients that heir venue is suitable for a live band when it is not. If they have a Sound Limiter installed, it's probably not. We don't play at deafening levels, but have been obstructed by these devices on countless occasions. Live Music comes at a certain volume by default, these devices are nothing but a pain. They should be renamed 'performance limiters'!


  • Don't open the evening buffet food during the band's set. Everyone will head straight for the food and leave the band standing! We can work our set times and break around the buffet and we are flexible right up until the night. Talk to us, let's work out a plan.






Some wedding co-ordinators are fantastic, helpful and wonderful people to work with. Others can be, ahem, (cough)............ not so helpful. We will always do our best to co-operate and work with everyone  - that's a promise. No ridiculous demands, no egos, and wherever possible, no problems!



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