‘The All New Blues and Soul Revue’ – Blues Brothers Tribute Band


The All New Blues and Soul Revue is owned and managed by Dave Wiggins trading as BigWig Productions in the UK.








1.Client Cancellation of the Contract shall be only as follows:

a) More than 30 days from the performance date; 100% of any / all deposits paid (where applicable.)

b) Between 22-30 days from the performance date; 25% of the full fee less any deposit already received.

c) Between 15-21 days from the performance date; 50% of the full fee less any deposit already received.

d) Between 8-14 days from the performance date; 75% of the full fee less any deposit already received.

e) Between 1-7 days from the performance date; 100% full fee less any deposit already received will be payable.


2. The artiste/s agrees that the fee is inclusive of all expenses, holiday entitlements, travelling expenses to and from the venue and covers any payments whatsoever due to other members of the band or unit unless otherwise detailed within this contract. The disco (where applicable) will be included until midnight as standard, if you require the disco to finish later than midnight then an hourly surcharge will be applied, contact us for further details / prices where necessary. If your event requires us to have an overnight stay, this surcharge will not apply.


3. The artiste reserves the right to cancel at short notice without compensation in any form owed to the client. In the unlikely event of this happening the artist will endeavour to supply alternative high quality live entertainment on the performance date at the agreed original fee.


4. The artiste/s warrants that all equipment is in good working order, and fit for its purpose, and that no part of the performance is likely to be a danger to the artiste/s or any other person/s. All equipment used by The Artiste will be PAT tested to UK regulations.


5. The adjustment of the volume and sound level of any equipment shall be as the client reasonably requires (see appendix 15).


6. No fee shall be payable to the artiste/s for any day upon which this engagement shall be suspended by reason of Royal Demise, National Mourning, Fire, Epidemic, War, Strikes, or by reason of order of any Licensing or Public Authority. COVID UPDATE 2022: Booking date may be amended once without charge if the original agreed date of performance is delayed due to UK Government enforced COVID restrictions. Refunds will not be issued where any deposit or booking fee has been paid as these are non-refundable.


7. The artiste/s at the time of signing or presenting this contract shall not be under any contract to a third party that might preclude him/her from fulfilling the engagement.


8. Artiste/s shall be suitably and tidily dressed during their performance, and dressed appropriately for the occasion.


9. The Artiste/s is responsible for their own TAX & National Insurance contributions.


10. The client / venue shall be responsible for the provision of a safe mains electricity supply in the performing area.


11. All deposits paid are non-refundable, except in the event of cancellation of the contract on the part of the artiste.


12. The artiste accepts no responsibility for non-fulfilment of contract, but every safeguard is assured.


13. This contract reflecting the terms and conditions as verbally agreed, and read by the client, shall be deemed accepted and binding only when either;

a) It is signed and returned within 7 days of a booking being made

b) It is not exchanged within the prescribed 7 days and yet no written objection has been made within its period.

c) THE CLIENT accepts either verbally or in writing that the wish to proceed with the booking, and / or the booking is confirmed by negotiation with THE ARTISTE. No formally signed contract is necessary for these terms and conditions to be applicable -  this can be an email thread or even verbal agreement.


14. All bookings made by PUBS, CLUBS and other ENTERTAINMENT venues engage this contract as being between the Artiste and THE VENUE as their client, not the manager, entertainments officer or similar person employed by THE VENUE, or booking on behalf of the venue, irrespective of any change of management / booking agent / employee at a venue. Therefore, if a venue should change hands / management / staff between the time of the booking being made and the performance date, THE VENUE should at all times be made aware of this contract by the departing staff, management or employee, as the terms and conditions stated above will still be applicable and the contract withstanding.


15. Any outdoor / outside performances will require the client / venue to provide a suitable 13a / 16a power supply (some generators will NOT be suitable, please check with us first) and adequate cover / shelter from the weather / elements for our equipment. The All New Blues and Soul Revue reserves the right to refuse to perform if adequate protection / shelter / power supply is not provided, the client, and full payment fee will still be applicable.


16. Sound / Noise limiters - The artiste/s ultimately reserve the right to decline to perform if the venue has installed a sound / noise limiter, which could potentially damage their musical equipment by cutting the power source abruptly. If in any doubt, please check this with your designated venue beforehand. A certificate of calibration for any sound / noise limiter should be produced by the venue / client at the request of the artiste, to demonstrate that it has been professionally installed and calibrated by an audio engineer, and not simply installed 'straight out of the box' by an electrician. The artiste will carry a calibrated decibel meter to monitor sound pressure levels and will set volumes to comply with local authority determined noise regulations using this device as a meter, and not by using a sound limiting device as a meter. If a venue insist that we play through such a device, we will require evidence of the local authority determined sound levels and their locations in order to comply. Our sound levels will be set during sound check and we shall not exceed these levels during the performance. Additional noise i.e. crowd / audience noise is not the responsibility of the artiste. In the event of the venue insisting we play through the sound limiter circuit, and having no documentation to support the recommended sound levels / locations / limiter calibration etc, the artiste reserves the right to refuse performance, and the full performance fee will still apply.

17. It is the sole responsibility of the booker / client to ensure that the venue is aware of the terms and conditions set out within this contract before the date of the event.


18. The client / venue agree to provide for the artiste at all bookings:

a) a lockable changing room / area. A toilet, cupboard , store room or similar will NOT be sufficient.

b) A light meal / snack i.e sandwiches and soft drinks for all band members

c) An area for the artiste to relax before the performance - we often are waiting for several hours between arriving at a venue and beginning a performance.


19. Payment is due in full and this contract is hereby deemed as fulfilled once the artiste has arrived at the venue and set their equipment up ready to perform.


20. Any damage incurred to the band’s equipment as a result of negligent behaviour at the event will be the responsibility of the client, who shall incur the full cost of and required repair or replacement thereof.


21. Any amendments to this contract prior to the booking and agreed by both the client and the artiste or BigWig Productions must be agreed in writing.






David Wiggins trading as BigWig Productions

238 Castle Road, Bedford, MK40 3UA




Tel: +44 (0) 7766 312374



This image contains the words 'Terms and Conditions'.
This image contains the words 'Terms and Conditions'.
This image contains the words 'Terms and Conditions'.