Below are some video clips filmed at live shows across the UK and the rest of the world. We are currently programming for 2023-4 for our new theatre production, although the clips featured are mostly from festival gigs. The videos on this page demonstrate what we do best when working as a live band. The new theatre production features all of this and more; staying loyal to the original film and paying homage to the most memorable scenes and the stars of the original movie too.

Live band clip compilation - the 8pc and 11pc in action from various gigs over recent years.

Duo (playback / backing tracks) promo video 2019 - new version currently in production. Release scheduled for 01/23)

Full band promo video (2019) - new promo video currently in production (release scheduled for 01/23)

Minnie the Moocher - Live at Cambridge Rock Festival 2019

Arrival of the headline act at BuckFest (Cambs), August 2021. Enter The Bluesmobile! Video Credit: Andy Kitson

Headline act at BuckFest (Cambs), August 2021

Midnight Hour - Live at Cambridge Rock Festival 2019

Our very own Aretha Franklin Tribute belting out 'Think'  at Cambridge Rock Festival 2018. Video Credit: Sally Newhouse